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Alabama Property Rights and Remedies (5th ed. 2012) Digital only: by Jesse P. Evans III

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Jesse P. Evans III
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Authored by Jesse P. Evans III, Alabama Property Rights and Remedies has long been known as one of the leading works on Alabama real property law. This comprehensive work covers an array of real property litigation topics, including most of the common rights and remedies that attorneys will encounter in their practice. The work is divided into five parts with twenty-eight chapters. Part One contains introductory material relating to the background of Alabama real property law, estates in land, conveyancing, the recording acts and a chapter on easements. Part Two deals with establishing ownership, possession and use, and covers adverse possession, quieting title, partition, boundaries and reformation and specific performance of contracts. Part Three has chapters on remedies and actions involving possession, including ejectment, forcible entry, and unlawful detainer, and an overview of the residential landlord and tenant act, nuisance, trespass and slander of title. Rights and remedies that involve a debtor-creditor relationship, such as judgment liens, fraudulent transfers, various liens, and mortgages are covered in Part Four. Part Five has chapters on eminent domain, public improvements, zoning, and dedication, vacation and subdivision regulation. This is a one-year digital subscription. CLE Alabama is pleased to announce that the sixth edition is expected Spring 2024.